I am so excited to introduce ‘Sweet Goodbye’ as my first single as an Independent Artist. This song idea came from a relationship experience I had a few years ago and it was a situation that really highlighted to me the concept of people being in your life for reasons and seasons. Sometimes things just don’t fit and that’s okay… Goodbyes can be sweet and point you in the direction of where you are meant to go. 

I wanted this song to portray empowering energy. In music, I am personally so driven by a strong rhythm and melodic builds. Whether this song is playing through your earphones or in your car, I hope you feel the energy and grow in confidence through the climax of the song until we say one last  ‘Goodbye’ at the end.

Put the energy out into the world that you want to receive and know that the end of something can be an amazing new beginning. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I love singing it.


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